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Iain Mclennan: MUSIC/VIDEO

Rock Me

(Iain Mclennan)
January 12, 2005
Iain Mclennan
Running and hiding. Until one day you got to face up to yourself. No good to anyone if you jump.
Rock Me

Standin' in the station
watch the trains go by
rhythm so sweet she tell no lie.
I been here over one tousand times
one more step I might cross the line.
There must be a better way to pass this time
thinkin' bout a girl as my life slips by.

Woman on a corner with her shopping bag
so world weary she is close to mad
another grey just a patch of rain
one small step to begin again, aha
and nobody said it would be like this
one shot a whiskey with a mental twist
forget all the good and sound advice
takin' it easy could be really very nice.

I've taken to the vodka and the valium
to stop this trauma this delerium, aha
I spent six months runnin' to the higher ground
hit the the top no sight no sound
'cause all you get babe is one sweet try
take your time , don't let them see you crys
forget all the good and the sound advice
takin' it easy could be really very nice.

Heavy eyes look down, look down from the bridge
I wonder why but I won't give in to it.
so sick and tired of leaving my scaps on the table
my daddy said that live that "life can be so sweet"
rock me baby
rock me baby
rock me babe
rock me......