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Iain Mclennan: MUSIC/VIDEO

Singer's Lament - DEMO

(Iain Mclennan)
January 3, 2007
Iain Roderick Mclennan
Very much like "Making Up The Movements" as in it being Instrumental. However the volume at which I recorded the drums and all other instruments got hot.

It has to or the whole thing goes no where. Adding the Phasing opened up another dimension in the tuning by almost raising and lowering the pitch of each drum. Depending when the the Phase kicks in...

Instrumental. Drum Solo. I simply hit record and went for it...

Mind you, there are fifteen different drums in all. Tuned to various pitches. The original went for two & a half hours. Editing was a nightmare.

I guess what I'm trying to do is use my kit as a vocal. That's the idea anyway.

It also represents a lot of frustration re singing a song behind the drum kit.

At times volume can be louder than any aircraft taking off or landing.


The drums are Grestch and tuned slightly higher than usual. More a Jazz tuning than anything. Subsequent tuning is by ear and for me the best way to tune your drums.

Each drum has a note. Find it by tapping the shell of the drum without heads.

What you hear is your Root note for the particular drum. Simply tune to the drum and away you go...