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Faith Reviews

Review of Iain McLennan?s Faith Album
Recorded at Oinkmuse Studios Mosman 2003.

Faith displays an unpretentious, but insightful production that is rarely heard these days. The album is open and honest with strong songs and heart felt vocals telling stories about real-life experiences. Not only are the melodies and vocals a feature but the grooves sit well, particularly in the sense of the whole album balance.

Iain sings about grief, and he sings about love and loneliness and the other stuff you've heard a thousand times, but somehow while he?s doing the singing, you're feeling every bit of it. The songs, well, they're some of the most beautifully haunting melodies you'll ever want to hear. The lyrics are emotional ... Iain digs deep and holds nothing back.

Being involved in assisting Iain with some of the studio set-up, guitars and mixing was a fabulous experience. Some times we would just be sitting around chatting and listening when spontaneous moments would happen. On one occasion I remember we set up a guitar and ad-libbed over the chorus of ?If You Walk Away? ? a couple of takes later that was it. Not a planned session or anything, just a creative moment.

An amazing aspect of Iain?s album is that he built his studio ?Oinkmuse? as he wrote and recorded the album. Although I helped with technical matters like Pro Tools operation and mic preamps he essentially handled the whole thing, including building the drum enclosure and recording/playing the live drums without an engineer ? that big beat, awesome. And you can actually hear the high hats, which really is a dying art form these days.

This project epitomises album production on a low budget. Iain used a small Pro Tools (LE) recorder, mid-range microphones and basic pre amps in a home environment, but the end result sounds fabulous.

Get a copy to hear for yourself!

It proves with good songs and experience you can compete against the major budget releases. In fact I challenge any producer, under a blind test, to guess how and where this album was recorded.

Wayne John Gardner
Engineer | Mixer | Producer | Mastering | Musician | Songwriter
Sydney Australia
24th May 2004
Wayne Gardner - Music Connection (May 24, 2004)
"There's some good stuff on this album"
Ross Wilson - Music Connection
IAIN McLENNAN'S LATEST ALBUM "FAITH" Review :-Been a while since his last highly acclaimed Mauve album in 1991, but Iain McLennan the well traveled singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer who has performed with Ariel, Richard Clapton Band, Sports, Mondo Rock, Russell Morris Band has lost none of his skill for crafting heartfelt and thought provoking songs. From the hauntingly real Faith with it's atmospheric flugel horn courtesy of Nigel Harris and honest lyrics as with If You Walk Away, you really feel the experience and emotion in the lyrics. Love Can Set Us Free is an optimistic reggae vibe. Tumbling Down is characteristic Iain and One Step Closer includes fellow ex Mondo rock & Ariel keyboard man Tony Slavich. You can tell that lyrics come from real life experience where the words are not wasted or contrived. This is honest stuff and hopefully Iain will get it out and about live soon. In the meantime check out Faith.  Available through
This is a great album. When I received a copy I was firstly moved by the cover. Having known Iain over many years, he is passionate and has a gift of letting you in to his life without being sentimental.
He writes and deals with human struggles, seduces you with melody and rhythm and through his voice evokes every part of not only his dealings with life's twists and turns, but reminds us of our own experiences.
Gut emotions are let out and dealt with. Sparse arrangements allow colour and depth. I particularly liked "Rock Me", "Mama" and the seductive "Let's Get Down". I called him after listening to the CD and reminded him that he should be very proud of producing virtually single handedly, such a good album. Have a listen. You will have it always as it is timeless.
Russell Morris - Music Connection (Jan 10, 2005)