IAIN McLENNAN-BIOGRAPHY Iain began his tertiary education at N.I.D.A. Fully aware of the honor of gaining a place there ,Iain gave his full attention. Well, perhaps not quite his full attention. By the end of the first year he was working as a professional musician in the highly respected 'SUN'.  Iain worked with many very successful Australian bands. His talents as a drummer and composer were recognized and prized.

HISTORY Iain Mclennan early 1971. MACH 11 (EMI) Selection of original songs Mclennan/Oinkmuse*

SUN Original jazz/rock quartet. Richard Clapton Band.. ARIEL MONDO ROCK One of the most powerful and exiting lineups to this day-Wilson out front /Vocals/Harmonica. This band ripped the house down. Recording four singles and the album "PRIMAL PARK" "Time off Mclennan was an independent session musician by now. THE BUSHWACKERS Australian bush band.

SESSION WORK GLEN SHORROCK of 'The Little River Band' MIKE RUDD Spectrum/Indelible Murtcepts/Ariel.. VANDA & YOUNG- Originally the driving force behind "THE EASYBEATS" "Working with George and Harry taught me more than I can express. In my opinion two of the best songwriters in the world. Always encouraging, as long as you made a good cuppa tea! Stevie Wright Vanda & Young Flash & The Pan John Paul Young. TED MULRY an album of beautiful love songs. THE SPORTS Touring including "Sporting True Colours" A joint tour with "SPLIT ENZ" "RUSSELL MORRIS'

'FILM' Composed and performed the sound track for "GRETEL" a film by "Gillian Armstrong" *Mclennan/Oinkmuse*

1971 "MAUVE" Solo album. Wrote & produced to release;single"SARAH" which received much attention throughout Australia. Picked up by major radio including the top FM station in Sydney (A major break for an (Independent release.)  2001/2003 Writing/Recording new material Formed "Through The Roof" gigging around Melbourne city & country venues. Mclennan has written-recorded-performed-mixed and produced his new album: "FAITH" Iain has built his new studio "OINKMUSE" This is where the recording of "FAITH" was done. "I was recording and building at the same time!"