From Hear To There 

My oh My!

Haven't been posting ahything for far too long.

 However there times when ...

"A lot means Nothing and Nothing Means A Lot."

As far as I was concerned it was better I stayed off

line and pretty much re adjust  my sites and get a lot of stuff out of the way mentally: to allow the more optimistic and encouraging self talk that get can be vulnerable after daily onslaughts of violence. 

There are better things to view

and far better to do.

Cheers to all.

"Ya just gotta keep goin' on...

No matter

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Hmmmm Another Break 

It's taken almost 4 years to have a good look at the past, deal with it and move on. Learning to deal with issues is not so much the point. More a chance to consolidate memories and know the truth. If one tried to make it up.... impossible. Indelible. Real and most important to remind oneself  "It Happened". Has been factually Documented and the guts of it? If denied or questions so personally relevant are dismissed, unanswered to assist you through the shadows of deception. Whereby some statement has

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A Lot of Lyrics 


I'll pick up the guitar or whatever a melody hits and lyrics arrive. Of late!? A lot of lyrics and a mixture of melodies. One major problem is up dating my old G5 PC to another G5, but a Multi core.

Same old thing more power..... To get to the point I'm now using every available recording tool I have. From Mobile Phones to Video/Digital/Analoge.

A Zoom H2n.

From the iphone and a Lenova Pad for sound mainly. By the way if you want a cheap and reliable TAB ... try Lenova.... For aound $70.... I

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Bee...n A Long Curve Ball 

Sometimes you misread the the Bass Ball  Pitchers Body Language as he winds within the triangle to throw a swift curve ball.....

Anyway, I miss read the curve. A resonating Psych busting ... Out, I went in ....

I wasn't going back.

Needed time out, although I was aware since day one. Some how the Jigsaw Puzzle, including without being included. Always remained fixed. If you venture out you may not be able to back in.

Needles to say, my own curve ball is improving ..

with the alteration ......


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Putting the Band in place. Strong and Road Tough!   All play several Instruments, which allows me the freedom to move from one Instrument to the other when needed and feature each Individuals Musicality.   One thing that has been, and remains an issue, is members who contribute, not being included in writing credits. Of course... No Royalties!! Each has experienced "None Payment" for more years than it's worth mentioning? Naaa...! For Me: THIRTY FIVE YEARS! Bit much, don't you think? No One. APRA.

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Been A While_May_2011 

For all who may have tried to access this site, I do apologise. I must say however, I don't regret it as Life, in relation to past has a way of letting you know when it's time for a good look: Get on with it!

One. A very new development is the formation of a new Recording Band. Brad Carr. Iain Mclennan and Fess Parker.

All have been around for many years in many places and as any faces. Time to team and play a lot!

Oinkmuse Studio is also on it's up again as the New Three write & record. Bradd & Fess will…

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For those have visited my site it's obvious I haven't posted much... Well? I am now, so I guess I can take it easy on myself, as lack of rest and inner turmoil can throw you off track.


I am going to be off and on for another year while restoring my health. Haven't decided whether or not to talk much as yet. However, I will be journaling the whole thing daily and perhaps see if it has a place via publisher. A way off in the future ... back to earth.

I shall make a lot more posting and updates via a…

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Next.. The Camel Ride 

After everyone had settled down and all became... All's well etc. I was in for a....... you got it......

"Special Surprise." Considering I could have been on the wrong end of a wrong end it was decide, as  a treat. A Camel Ride was in order. Unbelievable. Just go to bloody Egypt & discover for yourself how easy it is to find yourself in the Middle of a well planned Mess.

This, I cannot believe.. As soon as I was placed upon the Camels back. It's owner whacked it with his Cane an once again I was in

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Iain Mclennan/Oinkmuse/©

I was seven. The Humidity was getting close as I stood upon a Clay Road with Sand by it's edges. Side tracked I began looking up into branches of a large thirsty Tree. I could hear the voice of someone saying, "Don't move from that spot Iain." So I must have known them or they I. When I dropped my eyes from looking skyward, I was greeted by a group of young Ceylonese School Girls. All smiling and giggling. They came so close, I could smell them. A Nutmeg type smell. I…

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You Have to Stay.. 

Optimistic don't you? After five months of hearing problems, it all starts to wear a little thin. I have managed to finish mixing "Everybody Knows" which is from my point of view a good step. However, I have been told to watch volume levels until the Ear thing is sorted out. What I am trying is to send a Mono Mix to my right ear and work around it that way. Believe me, it still sends you nuts after numerous setbacks.

I've thought "what else can I do?".. let alone want to do. But that not an option. I'm as…

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