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  1. A Crime to Love

From the recording A Crime to Love

Another demo of sorts. 28mins in total for a series of clips I'm stringing together. These are strange times that's the given. The story dances around the subject of relationships. Age, Society and questions the hard line taken on an old theme.. Age, relating to Men and Women. Society has a set of rules. The Law, protects some. To know the facts relating to Law is of course a long study. To be processed by the system via the Law is both complicated and at times subject to ridicule. The story is to do with all people, young or old. Good or Bad. The question "Is it a crime to love" is a fair one. The centre of the film is the interaction between two friends. One to one each character asks the question. Each indiviual character has exactly the same question in mind. The real question is who will act on truth and who will act on which version. One may appear open, a friend. The other is more complicated. Has experienced loss, betrayal and is now half the person. One character acts and reacts freely in friendship. A tangled web. Loss. Greiving. The Law.... which Jungle or who's will, despite all will keep growing. Moving on without passing on his or her negative experience. Like life, it's as complicated as you make it. Good or Bad. The tricky part is not oversimplifying or underestimating each character. In 28 to 30 mins. The less dialogue the better. Once again the music will define and do the talking. As the characters don't realy know what situation they are in. That's the point. As each is on an emotional level as if in love. Easy to sketch this outline. To capture on film is another thing. I recorded the whole thing in an hour. Laying the tracks down quickly and had no written notes. Everything stemmed from the question. Is It A Crime To Love?