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  1. If You Walk Away

From the recording If You Walk Away

If you become too dependent on someone or something. You lose touch with everything, become desperate and you're left on thin ice. Fall in love. Lose your mind and possibly your life. Big love song. Romeo & Juliet...Do or die..'let's dance for a while'


If You Walk Away

I don't know if I'm here to stay
donn't you walk don't you walk away
I can't stay from your door
I won't run anymore

You can think what you want to think
if this is love let us take a drink
you live the life of a child
let us dance for a while

But if you turn away
I could wilt and fade
I'm so glad you came to my door
now i know what my life is for
If you turn away
Ican't make you stay
All we get is one touch othis
all it takes is one magic kiss

Yes I know could take my life
give it up to the lovers knife
with no regret no remorse
just let love take it's course


i used to think I new right from wrong
then one turn and you came along
who's to say what we need
whose to sat what to believe