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  1. Tumbling Down

From the recording Tumbling Down

Written some years ago after watching a program called "History of The World". Next day I was on a plane to Sydney and wrote the song. I felt isolated in the plane and began thinking what was really important to me. Family, friends, the environment and how much I treasure them. 'Tumbling Down' is about all of these treasures and if we don't watch out, how easily they can slip away.


Tumbling Down

There is a cool grey sky
as another image dies
are we all sound asleep?

We march one by one
to the rhythm of the gun
we all take what we need

It's gonna cme a tumbling down
if we don't take a look around
we better do some thing while we can
take another look
make a stand

Don't you run away
put on a brave new face
there is more to your life

just move to the beat
let the rhythm to your feet
face your fear eye to eye


Take a little time
hold your woman by your side
for you are one and the same

So don't you hesitate
for it will be far too late
and the the wind will change.